How MI Does Seminary

The Master’s Institute (MI) offers 2 ways to train leaders who love Jesus:

MI’s approach to Seminary includes concurrent mentoring, sound academic development, and hands-on leadership training. 

Each program aims to equip the heart, head and hands of men and women who are called to continue Jesus’ ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. Each includes sound theological training from faculty who are working in their fields as scholars and/or practitioners of the subject matter they teach, and an equally strong focus on Spiritual & Character Formation and Leadership Training.

Both our MIDiv and MicroMDiv will prepare future leaders to continue Jesus’ mission of restoration, redemption and love.

If you would like to know more about either of these programs, please call for information.

Spiritual & Character Formation

MI trains the heart

  • Formation flows from an intimate relationship of trust, obedience and dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Formation happens in Christian community
  • Formation is empowered by the loving presence of the Holy Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:17-18)

Biblical Teaching
MI instructs the head

  • Faculty are gifted and passionate adjunct professors who are recognized experts in their field
  • Students learn to know, experience, live and communicate the truth of Scripture with zeal and humility
  • We teach from the Reformation perspective: Word alone, Grace alone, Faith alone

Leadership Training
MI equips the hands

  • Internship training during all 3 years of seminary
  • Students are equipped and trained so they can equip others
  • Hands on experience under the guidance of qualified and experienced ministers