How MI Does Seminary

The Master’s Institute (MI) offers 2 ways to train leaders who love Jesus:

  • Credentialed Masters of Divinity - to learn more about our MDiv check out the Apply page

  • Micro MDiv - find out more about the Micro MDiv below

MI’s approach to Seminary includes concurrent mentoring, sound academic development, and hands-on leadership training. 

Each program aims to equip the heart, head and hands of men and women who are called to continue Jesus’ ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. Each includes sound theological training from faculty who are working in their fields as scholars and/or practitioners of the subject matter they teach, and an equally strong focus on Spiritual & Character Formation and Leadership Training.

Both our MIDiv and MicroMDiv will prepare future leaders to continue Jesus’ mission of restoration, redemption and love.

If you would like to know more about either of these programs, please call for information.

Spiritual & Character Formation

MI trains the heart

  • Formation flows from an intimate relationship of trust, obedience and dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ

  • Formation happens in Christian community

  • Formation is empowered by the loving presence of the Holy Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:17-18)

Biblical Teaching
MI instructs the head

  • Faculty are gifted and passionate adjunct professors who are recognized experts in their field

  • Students learn to know, experience, live and communicate the truth of Scripture with zeal and humility

  • We teach from the Reformation perspective: Word alone, Grace alone, Faith alone

Leadership Training
MI equips the hands

  • Internship training during all 3 years of seminary

  • Students are equipped and trained so they can equip others

  • Hands on experience under the guidance of qualified and experienced ministers

The Micro MDiv Is: 18-month leadership program focused on increasing the competency, character and capacity of Christian leaders to optimize their calling in God’s kingdom.

How You Can Host a Micro MDiv in Your Church/Community:

The Micro MDiv is primarily a congregationally driven leadership development program. That is to say, we primarily look for candidates who are already engaged in ministry and who have the support of their ministry setting. Some congregations commission participants for ministry in their congregational context after Micro MDiv certification.

The Key Elements of The Micro MDiv:

The Micro MDiv combines eighteen masters level courses with weekly spiritual/character formation, monthly scripture practicum exercises and a formal leadership development process into a vital, accessible, Jesus focused development program.

Holistic Training – Forming the heart, head, and hands– Custom Designed to fit your leadership’s Growth needs:

  • Core Lutheran Theology

  • Ongoing Exegetical and Hermeneutical Training

  • Pastoral Training

  • Scripture Practicum

  • Leadership

    • Internship

    • Coaching

  • Spiritual Formation

    • Small Groups

    • Mentoring

Questions Frequently Asked: 

What are the tuition requirements?

  • Tuition $ 4,200/person total

  • First installment of $1,200 due prior to Micro MDiv start date. $500 bi-monthly until tuition is paid in full

  • Tuition includes academic courses, Spiritual Formation, Leadership Training, and Scripture Practicum

  • MMPI costs approx $230

  • Cost of Books = approx. $200-$250

What is the time commitment?

       Academic Seminars-completed on your own time

  • Each class starts on the 1st and ends on the 30th of each month.

  • Each seminar consists of 8 hours of classroom video teaching, required reading before class, outline and post-class assignment

       Weekly Meetings-with your Micro MDiv cohort, usually at your host site

  • Students and facilitator meet once per week for 1 – 1 ½ hours.

  • Each week will give a primary focus on Spiritual Formation or Academic content

What degree is conferred?

  • Students will receive a Certificate of Completion and can apply through IMF (International Ministerial Fellowship) for licensing.

  • LCMC allows those completing the Micro-MDiv to apply for Contract Pastor positions.

Are the MDiv credits transferable?

  • Graduates will receive a Certification of Completion for this program and you can apply for pastoral licensing through IMF (International Ministerial Fellowship).

  • Students may apply to The Master’s Institute MDiv program and submit their work from the Micro MDiv for consideration towards completion of an MDiv degree through The Master’s Institute. The consideration will take into account the quality of the work, development of the student and call into ministry.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to make sure their requirements are completed for graduation

Computer Requirements

  • Students must have regular access to a computer with MSWord, e-mail and a printer.

With its #nodebt approach to training, and the ability to transfer credits from the Micro-MDiv into a formal MDiv, The Master’s Institute is offering a unique developmental opportunity for individuals called into a variety of ministry contexts.

Please contact for more information about this remarkable opportunity.

Spiritual & Character Formation

The Mission
To see students growing in Spiritual & Character Formation; which is experiencing the life of Christ being formed within them. This forming is manifest by increasingly mature Christian character and wholeness. (2 Corinthians 3:17-18)

Spiritual Formation
Spiritual formation in the life of a Christian is experiencing the life of Christ being formed within a person so that there is an increasing manifestation of Christ-likeness and inner wholeness. (Ephesians 4:22-24)

Character Formation
Character grows out of this spiritual forming and is demonstrated by increasing in godly thoughts, words and deeds as the Holy Spirit recreates us in Christ’s image. (Colossians 3:17)

Holy Spirit led transformation
At MI, we cooperate in this Holy Spirit-led transformation by creating a nurturing atmosphere with a personal mentor for each student and a unique small group experience. Our prayer is that each student will grow in Christian maturity through their mentoring and small group relationships, personal time and examination with the Lord, exploring and practicing spiritual disciplines, Scripture reading, and reading of selected books.

In order to encourage each student’s Holy Spirit led transformation to form mature Christian character we include:

One-on-One Mentoring
in which each student and mentor meet weekly. Mentors are mature, Christian, servant-leaders who provide prayer covering and modeling as they relate with their student in a life-on-life kind of way. Each student’s mentor will model mature and whole Christian discipleship while praying for, encouraging and exhorting their student, listening and directing them in the power of the Holy Spirit, supporting them and holding them accountable to the life of a growing disciple of Jesus Christ.

Personal Spiritual Growth Designs (PSGD’s)
which are personalized plans that each student creates out of their desire for maturity and wholeness as a Christian Leader. As students recognize areas of needed spiritual growth and wholeness, they create a unique and intentional plan to concentrate on this recognized area for growth and/or healing. Our hope is to build this practice into our students’ lives as they continue to mature in their faith, leadership, and Christ-likeness.

Small Group Community
where students create an intentional community for spiritual growth and support as maturing followers of Jesus Christ. In small groups, the students discuss assigned readings that relate to their spiritual and character formation, share personal experiences, support one another and hold each other accountable toward Christian maturity. Reflections are written on each spiritual formation reading assignment. These groups meet within the regularly scheduled class day.

Silent Prayer Retreats
which are designed as time away with the Lord to seek, listen, worship and be refreshed in His intimate, loving presence.

Leadership Training

MI students are involved in Leadership Training which provides an opportunity for hands-on ministry and discipleship during a fifteen hour a week internship at a local church that runs concurrent with the academic work for all three years.

The Purpose
The purpose of Leadership Training is to equip the students while they are being discipled by their internship supervisors in the area of leadership and ministry skills.

The objective is to explore a variety of skills, observation and interaction with seasoned leaders, improve and refine ministry skills, personal and active discipleship, and spiritual direction. It is hoped that Leadership Training will help in the development of leadership skills, not just ministry skills. This requires the ability to cast and communicate a vision, lead leaders, resolve conflict, and give oversight.

Internships are designed to…
Internships are designed to reinforce principles learned in the classroom, provide hands-on ministry experience, present a setting for reflection on the work of the ministry, offer our students the opportunity to interact closely with today’s Christian leaders and enhance discipleship training.

A certain measure of “work” is provided by the student; however, our program is not intended to provide ministerial help to a congregation. Both setting and supervisor should view this program as a ministry to the students and a gift to the larger body of Christ.

  • Seminary students are involved in leadership training concurrent with the academic work for all three years.
  • Students meet with their Ministry Coach weekly to process and learn from their experience.
  • Full-time and part-time seminary students do 15 hours per week of internship service at a local church or para-ministry. Students begin in early September and finish in mid-May.
  • MI helps the student locate a church or para-church ministry for leadership training purposes. MI looks at the giftings of the student and the mission of the church to assist in placement.

Coming soon...

Seminary classes are open to pastors, ministry leaders, church staff, lay leaders. These are graduate level classes that meet the criteria for pastoral continuing education.

Auditors –we're so happy you are interested in being a part of a course at MI. You will find our classroom dynamics to be engaging and interactive. However, because this is a seminary course and there are students who are taking the class for credit, we ask that you engage in the dialogue as a listener, giving deference to the students who are accountable for the content of the lecture and materials as a part of their seminary training. Thank you.

How to Visit or Audit a Class at MI

  • Seminars are open to pastors, ministry leaders, church staff, lay leaders, and individuals who obtain a written auditor-pastor-recommendation form from your pastor or church leader. The recommendation from pastors or church leaders may be sent directly to MI.

  • Seminars are held on Thursday and Friday, from 8:00AM - 1:00PM, at Community of Grace Lutheran Church, 4000 Linden St. White Bear Lake, MN 55110

  • The fee is $60 for one seminar. Payment is due with the registration request at least ten days before the class. The fee is $220/credit to take a class for credit.

  • You can pay by mail or online. Please mail your check to: The Master’s Institute, 4000 Linden St, White Bear Lake, MN 55110
    To pay online go to GIVE, type in Visitor registration in box 1 and then the class name and date in the box 2.

  • Please fill out the Visitor-Auditing Registration Form below

  • Refunds will not be given after the start of the seminar.

  • An Auditor may attend a maximum of four seminars per school year (Sept. to May).

  • For-Credit Auditors may request by email a certificate of completion from the MI office.

  • Seminary students are required to read the assigned reading from the syllabus before class. While it would be beneficial for Visitors-Auditors to do the reading, it is not required. The syllabus will be sent to you when we receive your registration form.

Classroom Details:

Thank you for being a guest in our classroom. Below is a list of classroom etiquette we ask all students to adhere to.

  • Students should come to class prepared, 10 minutes early each morning for class to begin promptly at 8:00AM.

  • Be respectful of our instructors and other students even when opinions differ.

  • Auditors, please refrain from questions or comments until our students have time to ask their questions or make a comment first. Auditors are more of an observer/listener role in the classroom. While you can join discussion, please always defer to our students first to make sure they can get the most out of class.

  • Please wait to begin packing up your things until the professor is done teaching.

  • Turn off cell phones during class. Reduce calls between classes.

  • Keep the room clean. Help put the supplies away neatly at the end of class.

  • If you bring a laptop to class to use for taking notes please be respectful of the instructor and other students – no games, web surfing, emails, or other work during class time.

  • Classes are recorded; please speak up so your questions can be heard on the video.

  • Return promptly from breaks.

  • Side discussions during class can be very distracting – please wait until break to have side discussions.

Textbooks can be purchased at any Christian bookstore or There will be a comment on the syllabus if the book can only be purchased from a certain site.

You are welcome to go to lunch, at your own expense, with the students or instructors. You are also welcome to join us for worship following lunch.

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