The Micro MDiv Is: 18-month leadership program focused on increasing the competency, character and capacity of Christian leaders to optimize their calling in God’s kingdom.

How You Can Host a Micro MDiv in Your Church/Community:

The Micro MDiv is primarily a congregationally driven leadership development program. That is to say, we primarily look for candidates who are already engaged in ministry and who have the support of their ministry setting. Some congregations commission participants for ministry in their congregational context after Micro MDiv certification.

The Key Elements of The Micro MDiv:

The Micro MDiv combines eighteen masters level courses with weekly spiritual/character formation, monthly scripture practicum exercises and a formal leadership development process into a vital, accessible, Jesus focused development program.

Holistic Training – Forming the heart, head, and hands– Custom Designed to fit your leadership’s Growth needs:

  • Core Lutheran Theology

  • Ongoing Exegetical and Hermeneutical Training

  • Pastoral Training

  • Scripture Practicum

  • Leadership

    • Internship

    • Coaching

  • Spiritual Formation

    • Small Groups

    • Mentoring

Questions Frequently Asked: 

What are the tuition requirements?

  • Tuition $ 4,200/person total

  • First installment of $1,200 due prior to Micro MDiv start date. $500 bi-monthly until tuition is paid in full

  • Tuition includes academic courses, Spiritual Formation, Leadership Training, and Scripture Practicum

  • MMPI costs approx $230

  • Cost of Books = approx. $200-$250

What is the time commitment?

       Academic Seminars-completed on your own time

  • Each class starts on the 1st and ends on the 30th of each month.

  • Each seminar consists of 8 hours of classroom video teaching, required reading before class, outline and post-class assignment

       Weekly Meetings-with your Micro MDiv cohort, usually at your host site

  • Students and facilitator meet once per week for 1 – 1 ½ hours.

  • Each week will give a primary focus on Spiritual Formation or Academic content

What degree is conferred?

  • Students will receive a Certificate of Completion and can apply through IMF (International Ministerial Fellowship) for licensing.

  • LCMC allows those completing the Micro-MDiv to apply for Contract Pastor positions.

Are the MDiv credits transferable?

  • Graduates will receive a Certification of Completion for this program and you can apply for pastoral licensing through IMF (International Ministerial Fellowship).

  • Students may apply to The Master’s Institute MDiv program and submit their work from the Micro MDiv for consideration towards completion of an MDiv degree through The Master’s Institute. The consideration will take into account the quality of the work, development of the student and call into ministry.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to make sure their requirements are completed for graduation

Computer Requirements

  • Students must have regular access to a computer with MSWord, e-mail and a printer.

With its #nodebt approach to training, and the ability to transfer credits from the Micro-MDiv into a formal MDiv, The Master’s Institute is offering a unique developmental opportunity for individuals called into a variety of ministry contexts.

Please contact for more information about this remarkable opportunity.