Alumni and Pastoral Resources

This page is a resource page for those engaged in ministry. Here you will find links to information about upcoming events, courses, partnerships, ministry opportunities and anything else that may be helpful in helping people engage ministry. Pastors and Alumni may also want to engage the events/courses on this page with those in their flock who are exploring pastoral call. The courses/events offered may be appropriate “taster” opportunities for seminary level education. Our prayer is that the resources offered on this page work to enhance the ministry of many and provide applicable tools as we seek to build God’s Kingdom.

Continuing Education:
Check out our current class schedule for 2017-2018 to audit a class or train some of your own leaders

Read more about our Micro MDiv program and how it can be used to equip leaders in your church

Upcoming MI Sponsored Events:
Alumni Days of Refreshment coming January 2018

Upcoming Partner Sponsored Events:
LCMC 2018 Leadership Conference

Ministry Opportunities: 
LCMC Ministry Opportunities:

Coming Soon!